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  • Evil Guide Plan

    Complete Your Evil Plan

    Your evil plan is nearly complete. Simply fill in your answers in the appropriate blanks below and then get ready to call your press conference. You may want to photocopy this page first, in case you change your mind later and want to create a different evil plan.

    Primary Concerns

    Your Objective
    Your Motive

    Stage One

    Stage One
    How do people react when you enter a room?

    Stage Two

    Stage Two
    How do mere mortals react to your presence?

    Stage Three

    Stage Three

    End Result

    End Result

    Supplemental Information:

    How would you characterize the look on the doctors face when you were born?
    Base of Operations
    Type of Henchmen
    How would you describe yourself?
    Do you prefer to dress
    Your existence signals
    Pick a word just for the hell of it

    Tragic Past

    What would no person ever do in your fearsome presence?


    What do you possess?
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