Note: all mp3 are the full song and no larger than 2mb, 32 bits instead of the norm 128


Ars Moriendi
Carry Stressing the Jaw
Ma Meeska mow Skwoz
Merry-Go-Bye Bye
My Ass is on Fire

Mp3 - needs UPDATE!

Ars Moriendi
Definition of Shapes
Merry Go ByeBye
None of Them Knew They Were Robots
Sweet Charity
The Air Conditioned Nightmare
The Girls of Porn
Vanity Fair
i killed him like a dog and he still laughed-Mike Patton
Chariot Choogle-Fantomas
Masha I Medvedi-Fantomas
Last Cup of Sorrow-Faith No More
Epic-Faith No More

Real Audio - needs update

The Air Conditioned Nightmare Sample
Golem 2: the blonic vapour boy Sample
Goodbye Sober Day Sample
The Holy Filament Sample
None of Them Knew They Were Robots Sample
Pink Cigarette Sample
Retrovertigo Sample
Sweet Charity Sample
Vanity Fair Sample