about? about what?! what are you talking about!

Well.. I'll start here a bit on the story...

I "heart" Mr Bungle - Well, in a city called Garland, just outside of Dallas,
Jon, got the cd California from a guy named Chris. Jon had heard Mr Bungle before,
and he listened to the cd and liked it, then Matt, his brother, listened to it. He liked it as well.
After both of them had listened to it, I was introduced to it, I liked it very much.
All 3 of us enjoyed Mr Bungle in the car where ever we cruised.. Then on a memorable day,
Tito, Thomas, heard it.. and he LOVED it, he kept saying "I "heart" Mr Bungle" over and over.
So, it became his way of expressing his love for it. Then Lonnie heard Mr Bungle and he liked it
as well, he bought the CD. Jon owned California, I copied it to Tape, Tito had it once, and Lonnie owned the CD.
We all listened to Mr Bungle California. I had the bright idea of looking in the cover for lyrics,
I only found a website: Web of Mimicry and I went there
in search of the lyrics. I found them, copied them to my computer and listened to the songs
while reading the lyrics. After learning most of the words, I expressed to Lonnie, Jon, Matt, and Tito
what they said. Now we all "heart" Mr Bungle even more...

But, one night.. after deciding not to move my site I decided since
I had planned to make a Mr Bungle site, that I would make it here, and so here it is... I "heart" Mr Bungle
I only worked on the page for 3 hours, drawing the pictures, doing the html code, and finding some info

And thats my poofed up story about this page..
True though..