Lady Bantrobel

Name: Jasmyn, Ravyn, Rhiobhan
Location: Wisconsin
Age: 21+
E-mail: Bantrobel
Web Site: Morrigan's Tears
"Come See My Mope Opera!"
The Mope Opera Continues! Check out the newest episode of The Dark and the Brooding! Now with cast bios.

Yahoo Profile: Lady Bantrobel's Yahoo Profile

Hobbies: : Reading, Hiking, Surfing, Writing, Clubbing, Going to Coffeehouses, Making fun of Pretentious Goths. I'm a Bibliophalic migratory life form with a tropism for bookstores.
About Modeling: "I've done everything from nude art, to clothing for catalogs. Done just about everything, but will not do pornography! Definitely interested in shoots that push the bounds of conventional photography."

Secondary model, shown with Bantrobel, is Figment33.