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So while revamping my site, I noticed there was no bio page. And I have frequent people asking me, "What do you look like?" or "what type of camera do you use?" and other such questions. So I decided to make a bio page.

Okay, now for the stats...

Name: Thomas J. Pendragon (T.J. is my nick.)
Born Jan 14th, 1975 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA.

About What I do: I am an Amateur Photographer with a high interest in Gothic Photography. May always call myself an amateur, until the day I actually get that photography degree that I'm working for, or get paid obscene amounts of money doing photography, LOL! But I have been doing photography since 1995.

For Cameras, I use a Canon EOS Élan IIe and am still mystified as to some of the settings. My favorite film, so far, has been the Kodak Royal Gold 400 speed. I get so many colors with that it's unreal! But am open to suggestions for other film. I'm also a big fan of the B&W film that can be developed on color paper. I have two lens at the moment. A 28-80mm Ultrasonic lens (came with the camera), and a 100-300mm Tamron. And, of course, I have a few killer filters! I *Heart* filters! LOL!

How Much Do I Charge For Photography? That depends on the job. For more info, E-Mail Me, and tell me the type of photography you are interested in doing. If you would like, I usually have a list of shoots in mind that always need extra people to join in, and can e-mail it to you.

About Me: Well this can be long and troublesome. Where should I start? Well, I am a fun loving, free soul, that is always dreaming up something. I tend to laugh or giggle a lot, got a nickname of "the giggle Goth" because of it. But to say I'm pure "Goth" maybe an overstatement. I like the vintage to renaissance style of Goth wear, just can't afford to buy tons of clothes. But perhaps one day. I come from a well diverse family, taking most of my traits from my mother's side of the family, and my looks from my father's side of the family. (Sometimes I wonder if that was a good trade off, LOL!) On my mother's side of the family there are traces of Lakota Sioux, fin-ish, & Hungarian Gypsy. My mother is a psychic (made getting away with crap as a kid VERY hard!) More To Come...

Well my site finally won an award! I've been kinda wondering if I'd ever win something for this. And finally I got an award! But since it came from the sexy Mrs. Shae, I'm wondering if it's my site that won the award, or me?! LOL! Love you Shae! HUGZ! Back to the award thingy. I think I've gone about this the wrong way. See I thought when your site wins an award, it's cause some cool person that hands out these fabulous awards wonders past your site and says. "HEY, this person has one fricken cool site!" and then gives you an award. Nooooooo! What it seems is you have to do, is go and find these sites and send them your web link and maybe they will visit, and maybe they will give you an award. Hmmmmm... Looks like I got to go enter the award contests soon. LOL! :)

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Me & My
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Photography By
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Photography By
Laura Robles

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The Picture At the Top of this page, of me with the pink wings, was created especially for me by my best Net Friend, Debbie! Love ya hon!

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