Femme Chatte

Name: Amber Ray
Age: 21+
Location: Philadelphia
E-mail: FemmeChatte
Personal Site: FemmeChatte's Yahoo Club

Hobbies: Making my dreams come true, inspiring others to do the same and getting enraptured by anything beautiful...I create art, sing, dance, write, travel, and adventure.
Latest News: I am doing Fetish, Pin UP an Performance Art...singing dancing and writing, making costumes and perfomances...I also work in party, club, and business promotions.
About Modeling: I love doing erotic and fine art modelling, performing ect. because I get a chance to project the goddess figure and also to hopefully help people view sexuality in a more healthy and sensual manner. I want to awaken awareness.

This is Amber Ray, my best friend in the whole world.
Love ya girl!