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Most Sites are Done by Friends & Net Friends.
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Angels, Vampires, Demons, DEVILS--OH MY!--They got it ALL at Moonhowler

Performance artist, model, writer, actress, singer, dancer,ALL-Around creater and a dreamer. She's also my greatest friend!

Lady Bantrobel
I did most of the photography for this site. Lady Bantrobel is one wonderful woman!

The Milwaukee Gothic Council "What is All this 'Goth' Stuff, Anyway?"

Club Anything

A site that explores visual art in many different forms. Very nice!

PhotoLinks Photography Directory

A free information data base designed by an artist for artists devoted to helping
photographers promote their websites, photography and services
by providing listings for url submissions, sales and resources.

Stories that can kill!

Pandy Candy
Sudden Eclipse

Once I dreamed of a girl so beautiful, she stole my breath away. Once I dreamed of a sensation that tasted tooo sweet to describe. Once I dreamed of desire. And here is her web domain.

Tragic Beauty
WONDERFUL photography! A site that you MUST check out!

Nocturnal Movements
Where you can find Jett Black THE Promoter of up & coming Dark Stars!

Lady Stephanie
A very beautiful individual, in the heart, mind, and soul. Lady Stephanie is an enigma, and her site shows many folds of the puzzle known as her mind. Be careful not to get lost within.

A Good Friend, and a very nice site. Sire Golab is a Gentleman and a Squire whom I respect. Check out his site!

The Place of Lady RaVyNn CoNsTaNcE*~
The Ever Lovely RaVyNn CoNsTaNcE*~ Her domain, tread carefully, but check her out!

Seraphim Shock

Experience The Music, The Magick, The Mystery. Begin The Journey.

Bella Morte
Punk, Goth, Synth, Rock! Bella Morte Has it ALL!

newosiris gifcxsbanner gifnewisis gif
The Crüxshadows

Samsas Traum
Seelen, welche an diesem Ort ewige Verdammnis fanden...

Ladyhawke's Nest
BEAUTIFUL Photography! Ladyhawk is a friend with a gifted eye.

Gothic Chicago
The PLACE to find out what's happening in Chicago!

Black Planet E-list
For those of you in, or around, Chicago and want to know the poop scoop on things happening, or want a gathering place of the insanely wicked minded, check out this e-list.

Goth Babes, and cool photographers!
Do you dig Goth Girlz? You'll dig this site!

Take a look through the window of Fetish ...
Fetish Files, Fetish Photo Galleries, Links to Mistresses, and much, much more! One absolutely Beautiful web site!

Fetish X Files
A Fetish Directory. Mmmmmmmmmmm... Yummmy!

Get your Fucking Clothes HERE!

PEACE: for we all deserve it
GLITTA': for we are all beautiful
PHASION: Passionate Heightened Awareness Spirituality Intellect Over Negativity.

Exceed 6 Doses
This band ROCKS! Check them out!

Panicman's Jukebox
A GREAT site to check out CDs! Panic is an old friend. I wish him well, where-ever the air waves take him!

Mellow My Mind
Mellow's Domain. This is a site devoted to poetry, Art, and a place to chat with friends and maybe set up your own free e-mail. Mellow is a good friend found in a time of confussion.

Ebony Rose
A friend from a far off land, where Men go and the Women thunder! Ebony is a soul that has help me get through the darkest of nights.