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To begin my music review page. I must first make a note to everyone reading. I am not a professional Music reviewer. I recieve no money over reviewing these bands and giving you my feelings and thoughts on what I hear. I am a music fan, I am the one that goes out to buy these cds (unless they are sent to me by the bands or a promoter in general, or if I have aquired them through "other" means. LOL). I'm one of the guys these bands make their money from. My reviews are stricktly my opinion. So if you'd like to know more, then buy their CD yourself and dive into the musical bliss!


Exceed 6 Doses is a Texas Band who's sound is a bassy hypnotic collaboration of Electronic & Ambiance music. The Band consist of Charles Mallick {Lead Vocals / Production} and Jayseon Cameron {Keyboard Programming / Ext. Production}

I am very impressed with the sound of E6D! They have very catchy tones, rhythms, and rhymes that just sooth into your soul. E6D have many influences, from which they get their inspiration. All sorts of music derived from the 60's, 80's, 90's as well as underground music, Gothic, Alternative, Electronica and much more. They also get inspiration from the things hidden and left unknown. Mysteries and supernatural phenomena. Through this, the music they create come from deep-hearted emotions and, in itself, the CD has almost a spiritual awakening. Some describe E6D as having a slight Erasure, mixed with Depesche Mode, tone to their music but with a sexual underlined edge. I have played their Promo CD quiet a few times at veering levels, just to get within the music, and I do believe this band have great potential to go far!

Track 1, 7:38
"Those Things You Never Do."

This is one of my favorite tracks on the Promo CD. The first time I played it, I could sense the potential this band has. That sexual edge is so tastefully sliced within the first track. Charles sensual voice, so erotically spins the lyrics in this song. At some point, when lost within this passion filled musical fantasy, you find yourself in a sugar coated, bass filled, dream only these two musical masters can create. A slow refrain, then Charles is back with a deeper tone, tempting you to delve deeper in this lust filled dream.

Again, in my opinion this is one strong opening song. In my delight of this bands sound, I have played this song for a few people, and all seem to agree with the raw potential this band has. There were a few suggestions that something was missing in the song. Something you hear hidden in the background. Yet "Those Things You Never Do" is a Great tune to lose yourself in, setting that certain mood, or to erotically, slow dance, on the club floor, trying to capture, that certain some one, in lust filled dreams.

The Rest of the Promo CD is just a passionate as the first song. From the invoking thoughts of change in "Crash 2000, (Kiss your Ass Goodbye)" To the emotion packed "Fallen Angel (Dirty Whore Mix)" to the last "Forever Haunted," Exceed 6 Doses continues to show that they have what it takes to compete with the best in this mainstream music world we live in.

Visit Exceed 6 Doses Web Site!

CD-Silicon Gene

Band Consists of

Justin Coope
Band leader, lyrics, vocals, electronic music

Michael Pacheco
Vocals, Electronic Music, Keyboard

Ben Purdy
Electric Guitar, Electronic Music

Tad Heppner
Lyricist, Backup Vocals, Video Production

I started to listen to this CD, and was immediately FLARED by the CD’s musical rifts! Slowly the CD pulled me into its musical, emotional, tidal-wave of intrigue, lust, suspense, and all from groovy beats and sensational lyrics.

Son of Rust’s sound is an exceptionally well mixture of Eurodance, Industrial, and Techno. No silly thievery of rifts from other bands, like the case in most industrial/Techno mixes, just some really damn good music! Son of Rust is like musical poetry. Everything about the CD, from it’s Electro sound to the emotional stir of the lyrics, are uniquely and beautifully put together. Justine really knows how to pen a good poem!

Visit Son of Rust & Hear What The Hype Is About!

CD- Blessed Deviant

Killing Miranda is everything you dream of in a Goth/Industrial/Rock & Roll band from the UK!

The Band consists of:


Alien Dave
Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar

Irish Dave
Rhythm Guitar

Bass Guitar


To start, every time I pop by Killing Mirandas web site, and read a few reviews from others in the Mainstream Music gig, I hear the same thing. Killing Miranda is like so & so, or so & so, blah, blah, blaaahhh. I’m sorry but Killing Miranda has their OWN unique sound and difference in the Goth/Rock realm and CAN NOT be compared with other bands. On listening to Blessed Deviant one can hear the burning damnation of angst filled lyrics, and cries of everything near and dear to the gothic realm. Killing Miranda does an exceptional Job at a Darkwave/Gothic album.

Fav. Song off of Blessed Deviant

Track 3 Pray

Pray is a beautifully evil song. I absolutely love the lyrics Richard wrote as if Pray was an anthem for Killing Miranda’s right to groove you. The song had a tendency to grab me and slap me in the face. At high volumes I was able to capture the beauty of Pray, as well as the hatred of all my neighbors. The song just screams for dancing!
Rift Lyrics:

“There is no hope for you
There is no turning back
There is no rapture
No Transcendence
No redemption
No prayer”

Killing Miranda is one band I will be eagerly awaiting more music from!

Killing Miranda

Got a kickass cd from Jett Black of a Techno/EBM/dance music band called Dissonance. The cd I got is a 3 track cd that just jams. Fast pace, great vocals, wonderful dance music. The cd is fricken great!

The band is from Texas, and is (From their web site profile):
Cat Hall
Cat comes from a very musical background, having been instructed in voice from an early age. Her unique style stems from a combination of her formal training and the influences of other vocalists whom she considers her friends and mentors in the music industry. Cat has worked as a lyricist and vocalist in many projects, styles ranging from jazz to pop alternative to techno. Dissonance began as Cat's solo project in 1993 - the music raw and edgy; the vocals layered, interwoven harmonies. Cat began collaborating with David Sebrind in 1994.

David Sebrind
David has worked with a variety of groups, the genres including everything from pop/rock to ambient techno. David was touring with Columbia recording artist T-4-2 as keyboardist and working on his own project when he met Cat Hall and decided to become a part of Dissonance.

Jim King
Jim has provided the pulse for a wide variety of groups from pop alternative to techno industrial. Jim was performing with an industrial group when he met Dissonance and decided that he could add a jagged edge to their synth-pop sound.

The first Track Anxiety- Pressure Mix, is very fast pace. Got the techno trip hop feel, sounds that slowly fade and draw you in. Cat's vocals are very beautiful. Her long years of vocal training are clearly heard and respected.

Second track, Murder of Love*- Dissonance Mix. Murder of Love is a song not written by Dissonance but mix and sung very well by Dissonance. The song opens with Cat singing "I Am a Victim of your Love..." and has slowly won a place in my heart. Now I wish I had a bass amp so I could rock this small house!

Third Song Fade- Focus Mix. More Techno twist/EBM bliss. Cat's voice is just to die, that slightly smoky sound, slightly deep, but no crackles, no off beat peeps. Wonderful!

Great lyric writing, superb mixing, this band is doing a great job! I wish them well!

Check them out:


Also, did I mention I got to meet David down at Gothic Topic and at the Church in Dallas? Hey, you guys still want photos?

More Bands To Come!