Ramblings of Poetry & Stories

Are You Willing?

Through the darkness
If you are not afraid
You will find my world
Where normality never stayed
A place of Fantasy
Where we concentrate on the sense of feel
A Wicked Dream
Where we don't pretend to be real.

I know what you want
I know what you need
Just take hold of my hand
And follow my lead.

Put your trust in me and I will pull you through
The most awakening feeling
From something you never thought you would do.

Hands bound, reaching towards the ceiling
Legs tied, spread eagle wide
Waiting for an intense feeling.

Control I do bestow, to you
My Master, My Mistress
And when the whip strikes
To my pleasures own fright
Do I realize the powers of my own delight.

Over and over, again and again
Does your nine tails meet their spot
Harder, faster, further, deeper
Never do I cry stop.

You get me down on my knees
I'm your slut
Begging and Willing to please.

Nails against the back
An intense orgasm
With every THWACK!

I never believed I could be
Through slavery
So pleasurably free.

Sometimes from the strongest chains
Do we find
A release from reality
So tightly bind
A passion
That pain can only unwind.

This is my world
Through darkness' domain
It is open
If you are willing
To submit your pleasures
Through Pain.



Dazzled within the metallic blue flecks shimmering in his eyes, Maryanne found herself helpless to the wanting. Her body became almost numb from the tingles. She could feel her legs tremble. It was becoming harder to concentrate on keeping composure.

His elegantly beautiful lips began to grin, causing her heart to spring into her chest! Her thoughts become cloudy. Rational reason was not a factor in this meeting. How, or why, she found herself in his apartment, after just two or three hours from meeting this gorgeous man, was a question, which never presented itself to her. Or was it that Maryanne was lost to everything, but his presence. To her, this sexy creature was the embodiment of everything she had ever wanted, had ever dreamed, had ever desired in her life. She could not believe this was happening. Excitement was her seductive enemy that quickly became her body’s most sparkly friend. She didn’t even realize when the music began, only that it was playing. It was an old song from out of the 80’s, about Love, losing Love, finding Love, making Love… Lust… The new thought was just more fuel, to burn, the slow raging fire, swarming throughout her body! Was it the Lust or the Wanting that locked his image in her eyes, making the room spiral around the two?

Suddenly a realization makes the excitement scream throughout her body, as his left hand takes a hold of her hand. His grip is strong, which she finds very enticing. Yet his touch is cold, which she decides, is her mission to warm him. But he is the first to start. The knuckles of his right hand lightly brush her cheek, down her neck, to smooth the strap, of her dress, off her shoulder. His erotic touch sent a spasm of shivers, causing her powerless body to swoon off balance, only to be suddenly overwhelmed by his masculinity, finding her body wrapped within his arms. She was his.

Maryanne begins to pant as he pulls her closer. Her teeth start to chatter almost like fear. But what could be the drive behind this emotion? Could it be this situation? The overpowering of her desire? Or the craving for this beautiful stranger?

One of his arms slides down her back to her waist, trailing a river of shivers along with it. His eyes toyed with her wanting as the blue flecks disintegrated into flames! A moan escapes her as his lips graced her chest, to kiss their way up towards her shoulder, sliding to her neck. Her eyes clench as razor sharp fangs slice into her flesh, and her body is rocked by a fierce orgasm! Every sensation in her body explodes in pleasure! Shudders convulse through her body! A crimson stream begins to flow down her chest and around the curves in her breast.

The fangs sever deeper and her voice cries in the rapture as they both fall to their knees. Slowly she realizes, in her euphoric state, that whatever reality was left, is fading away. Her eyes open one last time to see the light within the room vanish into the darkness of death.


Remember Me

I awake.
My eyes dewed in the sandman's tears.
The wind, from an open window bustles through
my hair.
I inhale the sweet essence of your perfume over
the flowered fragrant air.
Instantly I taste the saltiness of your sweat
upon my lips!
Your RADIANT image BURNS into my mind!
My heart beats hard against my chest!
I reach out to touch you, but your presence is
just, an
The dark, cold, emptiness of my room reminds me
that I am
My face becomes wet as the sandman's tears turn
into my own.
Yet, my heart remains warm with the knowledge
of your remembrance.

Remember Me


If I could Have...

If I could have just one wish or dream come true...
It would have to be the dream I had of you.

You were cold and wet, coming in from the storm. Your body was shivering, your teeth chattering, and your skin quivered every time I touched you, I could tell that you were on the brink of sickness.

I took your soaken garments and wrapped you in a towel. With another towel, I dried your drenched hair. But, still, you were cold. So I held you close to me, wrapping us in a long blanket, and letting the fire from my heart, heat, our bodies.

Mighty Lightning flared outside the tall windows of my living quarters. Suddenly, all the lights in the house went black! But no fear my love. For with you in my arms, I need no light. You are my light, my Light of Life. I hold you tighter, kissing your cool, but growing warmer, shoulders, lightly rolling my tongue up your neck, under your ear, to stop, and kiss your cheek.

GOD... I love you.

Then I realize that it was a dream. And sometimes dreams just don’t come true. But I will always remember this dream. And I will always remember you.



I close my eyes.
     Gliding through imagination and fantasy,
     hurling my being into moonlit, Ice-cream evening.

Whisking winds of jimmy sprinkles,
     covers me, in a naked splendor,
     of a Hershey’s syrupy river.

Twinkling stars falling from midnight's delight,
     becomes clear to be a fruitacious plight,
     of the most wondrous of sights.

Banana cuts, strawberry bombs, and blueberry bullets,
     crash into my creamy essence,
     climaxing me in ecstasy,
     welcoming any, fruity rivets.

Cookies, oreo in nature, barrier
     around me to catch any slow,
     melting, milky flow,
     making themselves, even tastier!

But before I can surrender to this
     dream-dream-dreamy, ice-creamy passion,
     I find myself toplet
     by the most radiant, cherry, droplet.
     How can anyone resist my scrumptious fashion?

Wondrous maker of all that be,
     I await so eagerly,
     to give to you the same joy you gave, in creating me.

     Your sweet lips look so delicious...
          Please, eat me. . .


A Dream

It’s like a dream.
No end and no beginning, Just now.
Is there a then?
Was there a now?
Where is here?
You are here with me, in that dream.
But I do not know where.
It’s like a dream, but where can we be?
I here your voice, its like an angel crying.
For you are the angel, with wings of glory.
My angel.
There is no choice; reality is not among us.
Was there a choice?
Did you choose your wings, your mission?
I hear your voice again, but what are you saying?
There's no choice, but to follow and see if its you that's baying.
I see a bridge.
A bridge that does not exist.
Where does it lead?
Where do I go?
I hold a candle.
A candle of evil, but white to confuse.
A candle, that lights my way.
But which way do I go?
Your voice is all around me.
I feel your warm presents, but you are nowhere.
Evil's flame flickers.
The burning flame, a flame of Danger.
Danger before, and Danger yet to come.
Could this be a warning?
But for now, the flame brightens the way.
But what does lie ahead of me?
Should I go on?
Should I turn?
I look back for a second.
But nothingness surrounds me.
No choice, but to move forward.
I cross the bridge to find you, but there is no end.
There's no Before or After, no, not even a Now.
No above.
No below.
Forward takes me on forever.
Back leads me away, to the past.
The past is good, but I feel that there will be no return if I look back again.
"Airomass!" I call your name but nothing comes back.
"Is it real?" I shout.
I realize, Evil and Danger become one, within my grasp.
I hold evil.
I hold danger.
My soul begins to twist into Evils grasp.
Lightning strikes the candles flame!
Lightning striking from some unknown sky.
The flame dies.
As I look up, there you fly.
You, my Savior.
You, my Lover.
You, my Hero.
You are the protector of what is right.
Riding on Wings of Justice.
You are the flame that lights my soul.
Then you disappear into emptiness.
I drop the ball of wax.
It rolls off the bridge, into nothingness.
The dark encloses around me.
I am afraid!
Afraid of emptiness.
Afraid of nothingness. How could you do this?!
My savior, or my killer?!
I reach for my sword, but it is not there.
I realize that I'm defenseless now, but, I here you call.
Should I go?
Then whispers.
Your whispers.
"Close your eyes and envision Me." you say.
Is this a test?
A test of faith?
A test of our love.
I close my eyes and feel light, like I'm a feather.
I feel for the ground, but it is not there.
Oh god... I think I'm falling!
But I do not open my eyes for the horror I may find.
"Heaven help me!" I call out, but no answer.
Is there a God?
Trapped between empty and nothing.
But my faith is true.
Your touch holds me tight.
My eyes open and it's really you!
The space and stars ravels around us.
You guide me, and I hold your warm grasp, for I'm no fool.
All I want is you.
Then blackness takes you away.
I cry for you to come back, but nothing.
I feel afraid now more then ever.
My eyes clench.
Afraid as afraid can be.
Death surrounds me.
There is no help.
There is no way.
I am alone. There is no God where I am.
You call to me again.
I open my eyes to your voice.
No longer do I stand between nothingness, followed by emptiness, followed by Death.
I see a room like the old.
Where Kings and Queens sat upon a throne.
A throne of safety.
I walk to a stand covered in a black cloak, or veil.
A stand, in the center of the room.
A stand of Greed.
And on this stand sits a crown lying on a pillow of blue comfort.
A crown of Divinity.
It sits for a wearer.
Who would rule Divine?
Who is so vain?
Not I.
I care not for this.
I care for you.
My Lover, My Savior.
There is no dust, but Divine has not moved, Greed waits for a sucker.
Time is not real here.
Then your voice.
I can hear you call me from behind, but I cannot see you.
I turn away from Greed and Divine, to look for you.
My Lover, My Savior.
Then you walk in.
Out of the cold, into our warmth.
You look at me with open arms. I try to run but cannot move.
Something binds my legs to the floor.
Trapped between Desire and Love.
You walk to me.
I yell your name over and over and over, but you do not hear, or do not answer.
Are you love or desire?
I reach for you again and again but we do not touch.
What does this mean? To hold, but not touch?
Then I feel lucky to stand.
For the love we feel for the other, is true, and never will be compared.
I reach far out at the approach of your hand, but again we do not touch.
Never before was there such Love.
For love is are law, nothing but love, sweet love.
You come to embrace.
But then something manifests!
A deity.
A deity of pain!
The power he possesses is overwhelming!
Darkness invades safety.
Pain comes to our warmth.
Without feeling Pain attacks me.
Darkness--Death--rides a bolt of black lightning!
I still cannot move.
I know this is the end!
But you jump in deaths way.
Taking the dark light to spare my life.
I know now that your Love is... was true.
I fall to my knees.
You embrace the floor.
You die for me.
My soul is torn.
My Savior.
You hold out for me.
I grab for your hand.
But still, we do not touch.
You disappear.
My Savior, my Lover... gone.
I hold my hands out to the heavens.
Crying for mercy!
Then it appears.
A sword!
A sword of Liberty.
Appearing on a light.
A Light of Life.
Bright as our love... was.
My anger takes Liberty!
I Slave myself to Liberty!
I cut the invisible bounds that shackle me to the floor!
And I strike Pain!
In a fury of Light, Life and Liberty!
Striking in anger!
Giving Pain, pain!
But I stop.
Knowing revenge won't return love.
Pain laughs.
I turn and see the throne.
The throne of Safety?
Lifting the sword in confusion.
The sword is not Liberty, but illusion.
I throw illusion into safety.
The throne blows!
Pain screams!
Pain dies.
The room turns.
This was not real.
Safety was Pain; Divine was Ugliness; Greed was Giving; Life was Death; Liberty was the illusion of Slavery.
This was all to deceive me.
But even if I deceived deception, Love is dead.
Then, a sound!
From under the crown!
I run to the stand!
Pushing Ugliness off Giving.
I see the black vial.
Stripping the vial of mystery from my life.
In a cage, a cage deception tried to hide.
My Lover...
I tare off the bars that confined my desires.
I find you.
I take you from your bond and bring you back into our warmth.
I am your hero this time.
I know now that Love belongs.
You are my Love.
And I desire you, my Love.
We walk out the room into real light.
The real Light, Life, Love, and Liberty are true.
Shining on a sunray of brilliance.
As this story ends one question is asked.
What does this mean?
Alas... I cannot tell, for it was just a dream.

Written by Pendragon
(Seen through the eyes of Amber)

A Rose Tear

I am a teardrop falling from my lover's eye.
Why darling, why do you cry?
Was it something I said?
Was it something I've done?


Do you not know, you're my dove, in glorious flight?
My single rose?
My moon lit night?
My heaven's Sun?


No... Don't speak...
Let me remember you now,
As you are...
As you were...
As you and I will never be...
The memory of love must not fade,
Not now or ever again.


Just remember...
Like the gentle rain of a summer's eve.
Dry ground, flowers' seed, Angel's tears, leaf drop dew.
The rose has faded, the wind whispers no more.
Through the Sun's darken Night, the Moon's brightest Light,
I will be silent, but I will never stop from Loving you...


The Immaculate Dragonfly

I am The Immaculate Dragonfly.
I was created out of love.
I was created out of sadness.
I was created to fly and sore within the mighty skies.
I was created to chase and maybe catch the Untouchable Butterfly.

But she does not want me.
She does not want what a simple Dragonfly like me can give.
My immaculate wings can not dazzle her with their sparkle.
My strength and speed will not swoon her.
My knowledge, skill and gentle touch can not tempt her.
My breathless kisses will not fill her.
So I perch here upon this flower.
Offering all I have left.
My heart.

Yet I am left holding it.
For the Untouchable Butterfly is what her namesake says.
Untouchable to one such as me.
Butterflies only mate with butterflies.

Oh Dragonfly, dragonfly.
Do not weep, for I shall pull out your wings.
Oh Dragonfly, dragonfly.
Do not scream, the pain is all hidden inside.
Oh Dragonfly, dragonfly
I will give you a dream, a dream of confusion.
Oh Dragonfly, dragonfly
It is all illusion, you will die.


Spread those immaculate, tear soaked wings.
Uplift me into the darken sky.
And if one should look.
They shall see that the tears make glitter in the bitter moonlight.

I am The Immaculate Dragonfly.
Onward I fly.
Scared, lost, alive.
But with no love from the Untouchable Butterfly.


The Immaculate Dragonfly

Two Equal Zero

"Feel it. Feel it within your heart. Open your soul, not your mind. Feel within you the goodness he possesses. Do you feel the light? Can you hear the music the muses sing? Does Love embrace your body? Then Set It Free. Set your love free. Free like a bird. Let love soar within the mighty blue sky. Gliding in and out, Up and down, Through and around the fluffy clouds. Feel the warmth; Feel the freedom; Feel the light. Feel the joy! Let the path to divine pleasure open forth for thy sandeled feet. Walk amongst the joys of life. Glide through ecstasy. Heavenly pleasures. The pleasures of Eden." came the voice of the prophet as she looked into his eyes.

"My love for you is pure. There is a time to be wild, and a time to be free. Come, let us be Free." he said taking her hands within his.

"I can feel you all around me. No one has touched me so deep. Is this love? All my heart, All my joy, wants you. Come to me, My lover. I feel you all through me. My love is for you. Come to me. To me, To me. Sing the raptures love song unto me. To me. I love you. Touch me. Love me. Please me. For I love you. I love you. Embrace the arms of a lover. Embrace happiness. Embrace life. You are mine, and I, yours. We are not two, but one under the night sky. Moon in heaven, love on earth. In your arms I am whole. In your arms, I am one with passion uttermost sweet. For I feel for you. For you. Come, let us be one and all. Come, let us be together. But do not rush this feeling of love. Take it slow and easy. Moving at a synchronized height of passion. Together we will lay. Love on Love. Lover to Lover. Together now, and forever. We are one. `Two equal zero.' Love of each other. I know that love is forever. I love you." She said to him. They embraced.


What to do? What to do?! Where to go? Where to go?!
Trust in thyself and thou shall find a way.
Take sword in hand and slash away.
For a thousand men he will slay.
And all for a women's way.


The bed seems so cold, so empty.
I turn Once more, I may never sleep again.
It's not the bed that does this to me, but the dreams.
The dreams are filled with her and the happiness we'll never know.
For the ring she wears belongs to another.
There's still a chance, always a chance, until she says I do.
But who am I to interfere in her happiness?
What could I give her, but the love deep within my heart.
Ohhh, the bed is so cold, so cold and so lonely...

I have found my Angel, but she belongs to some other's heart.


Tomarrow Ends

I stand on the threshold of past darkness.
A single tear rolls from my eye.
Why do I cry?

It is because I feel?
Even in this pathetic world of pain and suffering.
When I thought I had eliminated all those emotions.
Still I cry, still I feel.

Then could it be,
Because of a girl.
Does my heart reawaken?
Reawaken to the danger?
Reawaken to the Evil?

Please, if this is to be,
Then give unto me, your darken kiss.
Give unto me your warm embrace.
Let me feel your arms wrapped around me.
Let my soul run the folds of your living essence.
And in this dance, from the devil's sorrow, comes heaven's delight.
Can a monster truly be free of his darken misery?

Wishes, prayers, soft kisses, gentle touches, hiding behind a blade of grass.
Blue skies, Clouds, The Muse sings, And I dream...
Dreams of Faeries & Untouchable Butterflies.
Rapture in a kiss.
Salty tears dripping on my lips.
Living to be wrapped in your arms.
Dying when I'm left alone, without you.

Is this what it means to let a heart beat?
Is this why the blood is warm?
Is this the reason for my mortal soul?
I am Alive.
I am Afraid...
Will Tomorrow ever come true?



Darkness is my arena.
Before me lays a string.
It is my only footing.
It is the path I have choosen.

In front of me lies a goal.
But perhaps the goal was already behind me.
Look back and see where I have been?
I see darkness.
Below me is the abyss.
Look, look into the abyss, what do you see?
I see myself.

Two paths, one string.
Path forward into light.
A path backward into darkness.
Below me is myself.
Then what is above?
Warmth, want, love, you!
I am breathless!
I love you.
My beauty, my hearts desire, my light.
I want you, my love.
Reach into the sky.
Trying to touch shooting stars and Untouchable Butterflies.
Almost   can   touch    you...


The sting breaks!
I am swallowed into myself.
Swirl, spiral, down, down, too many tears, I will drown.
Breathe my breath of life and you will survive.
Inhale, I'm alive.
But left to live without you.
Why did I choose this?
A pain worse then a cut to the arm.
A hurt searing hotter then fire.
An emotion that shudders my entire body.
You can die of a broken heart.

But I am left here, in the dark, inside me, upon the arena known as reality...


Tea, With The Devil

(A Two Hour Long Dream Remembered By Pendragon)


     I heard a call from the window. Getting up from my studies I proceeded over to the manor window to find out who called.

     I saw that it was Lucifer. He wanted me to come out for something. I didn’t know what and didn’t care, for I had a lot of work to do. I turned from the window, as if giving my answer to be no. His face image burned in front of me saying that I had all the time in eternity to finish later. I couldn’t tell if that was a plea or a threat. Exhaling I finally said okay.

     Leaving the manor, I saw a blank field all around the house. Nothing, complete whiteness, for the landscape was what only my mind could create. I didn’t seem to need much for my landscape. There was a large tree, though, by the house. It was the only thing with color. And under this tree was a gray boulder where Lord Lucifer sat, waiting for me. He was dressed gentlemanly with an old fashion suit, like the ones you see on old Sherlock homes movies. He had a long black cape and a cain. No top hat though, I think I joked with him about that. I turned to lock my door with no lock, but to which only I could open. We were ready to go.

And I woke up, briefly, to my mother turning off the VCR and getting the loud Stereo TV blaring at me. She was watching some kind of alien movie, which a friend taped for us. I turned off the Stereo by remote, as she left to go up-stairs to sleep. I realized I only had an hour before my alarm would wake me to get ready to go to work, and that my strange dream had Lord Lucifer Morning-Star, the Fallen, the Devil, in it. I zonked out again.

     We were in a car, a little red sports car, driving to some sort of parking lot in an extravagantly big mall. I couldn’t tell if I was driving or if I was the passenger. For it seemed that we were both. At one minute I was driving while he was talking to me, casually, from the passenger seat. And the next minute he would be driving, while I would be answering him or thinking deeply to the importance of what he just said, throwing in my points of view, from the passenger seat. I took the ticket, from the ticket-spitter, opening the gate, and driving through the ramp. He parked the car. Through all this we kept on talking, about what, I can’t remember, but I do know that it was an intense conversation to where I didn’t even realize that we entered the ramp or were parking the car.

My alarm went off and I turned around the bed to hit the nine-minute snooze button. I switched the pillows, and myself, around so I was now sleeping next to the clock with a cooled pillow beneath my head. I remember being extremely warm to which my body was sweating. I thought it was strange to be so warm on such a cold dawn. Pulling a cold sheet over me, I wondered if I was going to be able to fall asleep again.

     Lucifer and I were walking through an indoor park still talking casually. Trees everywhere. He told me about the greatness of the tree. He even credited himself for the design and concept of the tree and the way they help in making our life. He even complimented me on the large one I had at the manor. Park benches aligned, every-so-often, the side of the swirling red bricked sidewalk we walked down. Birds dived through the air, people talked, children with balloons ran around playing tag, lover’s sat on a bench kissing. I remember spying Lucifer’s silver cain with a black ball shaped handle. I remember him sitting with the cain on the rock, but its not until now that I realize he has it. I remember small raindrops slightly drizzling down. That’s when I noticed the umbrella in my right hand. I was using it like a cain, and I wondered if I should open it.

Grandma yelled downstairs trying to wake me. It worked. I said what, signaling that I was awake. She wanted to know if I wanted eggs for breakfast. Sure, anything to get rid of her. The alarm went off and I snoozed it again.

     Lucifer told me that I should stop disappearing, as he raised his teacup to his lips. I notice that Lucifer is an elegant man with fair blonde hair and strange eyes that had no real one color at one time. He was, after all, the first Angel to be made, and was the handsomest. We continued our talk getting deeper into realities. He started telling me about life and the living. I remember that, as he talked, I picked up a small cookie, a crumpet he told me. I never tried a crumpet. I tasted it and found a dull, plain taste. It had a tiny pinch of sugar sprinkled on top of it, which did not sweeten the taste. He told me to try dunking it. I did, finding that the crumpet tasted better soaked in the sweet tea. He then continued our conversation telling me interesting facts about the death world and that I would not be able to leave here if I wasn’t alive.

Grandma yelled downstairs again trying to make sure that I was awake and getting ready to go to work. Breakfast was done. She thought I had to be there by seven this Sunday morning. I yelled back no, I didn’t have to be there until seven-thirty. She was getting on my nerves. And I wasn’t about to physically get up and go upstairs until after six thirty. I started to doze wondering why the alarm didn’t go off again. The thought rolled through my mind. I wouldn’t be able to leave here if I wasn’t alive. Wow. What was I dreaming about? How could this dream actually be continuing as it did? It seemed almost impossible. "Impossible to what," he asked me as we walked through the mall. I didn’t understand. His attention turned as he glanced over a Pewter Seller's wares in the middle of the hall. An interesting thing the mall was, he said as I told him about the realities of a mall. He compared it by saying that all we did was put a roof over the old main street, where all the peddlers walked the store streets selling their wares. Then he made an interesting joke about how the things never really change but get modern. I told him that the cities are bigger and have many malls now. Yes, he said, all the worlds are becoming bigger, and more crowded. He bought a mid size dragon, about two hand lengths big, from the lady. We headed back towards the car as our evening was over.

I awoke one last time, knowing that I dreadfully had to start the day. Later that day I wrote a sentence saying that Lord Samael Morning-Star, the Fallen, was an intrusting one to have tea with.


Interchangeable Dreams

All I am, is Interchangeable Dreams...

But to wake up within your eyes is to set at ease the harth of all my being. Nose caressed against nose. Lips parted as tongues play. Eyes locked as two souls are intertwined into one, spreading fire through the cold night.

Give to me this very eve the Passion that fills you.

And I will give to thee the Lust that creates me.

And Together only Love Will Be.

Spread your angelic wings and take me within your arms. Lifting us up from this earthly hell, where the Word of Love is tainted by those who use it only for gain and profit. The Devils of a cheep Fuck be damned! For together, with wings wide, we will thrust into the night, the feeling known as light, given from the sound of two hearts composed as one.

Be strong, for the sky we travel may falter, but believe in me and we shall not fall, if we keep holding on to each other.

Look through the illusions, what do you see?

But one and one make three.

Laugh if you want. Yet reality does not need to be.

As long as your here with me.

My Angel, bathed in Blue, as I am veiled in Purple. Hold me in your arms and hide me in your wings. Engulfed in your embrace, I feel myself become apart of you. Our lives will never be the same.

Splashing through the Tides of Darkness, swirling the Seas of Disbelief, two souls defy Loneliness & Grief. For together the have created Heaven.


Without Words

Clouds upon the ground,
Darkness all around.
Will you dance with me?

Enter my shrine,
Pour the red wine.
Will you fulfill me?

Blackened roses,
Left on forgotten graves.
Will you embrace me?

Your breath has froze,
Love may never save.
Will you hurt me?
Touch me now,
Let me into your sinister frown.
Forever alone, will you leave me?

It's to much for me to bear,
I need you to take me, to let go, don't listen, can you hear me?
Will you kill me?

Your alive my fair,
I don't understand why you believe in me.
Without words, will you love me?