For all those interested in sending me hate mail regarding my page, let me make my job easier by given you some pre-written responses. Wow Neil! You are just too helpful!
For those of you: Who are offended by my page because you are Christian, Moral Majority, Members of the 700 Club, etc.
My response: Deal.
For those of you: Who want to write how I'm not really evil and that I suck and how you're really evil because you're in the tenth grade and wear Slayer shirts and know all the lyrics to "Satan Spawn".
My response: Enjoy your career at Mcdonalds.
For those of you: Who want to write how lame my page is because there's no porn on it.
My response: Look! A blimp!
For those of you: Who want to write that you are an occult magician and that my page really sucks and that you are going to cast an evil magick spell on me because you are all-powerful and really, really evil, bwah-ha-ha-ha!
My response: Thanks for the input! Good luck on all your future endeavors!
For those of you: Who want to inform me about the wonders of long distance savings.
My response: No.