Agate - accepts circumstances, discerns the truth, powerful emotional healer.

Ajoite - Removes implants, activates and energizes the P-chakra, aligns with the universal spirit.

Alexandrite - enhances the rebirth of inner and outer self, promotes awareness.

Amazonite - aligns astral bodies, unity with life, enhances creative expression.

Amber - calming for hyperactivity and stressed nerves, finds humor and joy.

Amethyst - encourages inner peace, fights addictive behavior, transforms energy.

Ametrine - dispels negativity, aids decision-making, meditation, relieves stress.

Ammonite - protective, aids in the birthing process, provides relaxation

Andalusite - stimulates past memories, re-alignment and centering of self.

Angelite - protects, strengthens degenerate organs, excellent for creative people.

Apache Tear - grants forgiveness, understanding in distress.

Apatite - good for communication, highly psychic, controls weight gain.

Apophyllite - loving attunement to body and spirit, stimulates intuition.

Aquamarine - banishes fears, calms nerves, and imparts strength and control.

Aragonite - calms & centers, allows for insight, aids self discipline if directed.

Aventurine - independence, strong legs and joints, helps in career change.

Azurite - guidance to psychic self, cuts through illusion, enhances communication.

Azurite-Malachite - initiates transformation, aids clarity and understanding in vision.

Blue Lace Agate - expands consciousness, soothing, wise, and public speaking.

Bloodstone - prevents high blood pressure, cleanser of body, aids decision-making.

Boji Stone - sense of joy, highly energetic, draws out pain.

Brazilianite - promotes trust in self, it refreshes memories of pre-physical existence, gently clears blockages.

Bustamite - stimulates awareness in dream work, a harmonious stabilizer.

Calcite - aids memory, good for arts and sciences, balances mental and emotional.

Carnelian - releases sorrow, envy, fear, apathy, and rage.

Celestite - clears speech, personal expression, highly spiritual.

Chalcedony - expression of emotional needs, honesty, alleviates regret.

Chiastolite - transmutes dissension into harmony, balances perspectives.

Charoite - accelerates spiritual growth, enhances self-esteem, and ability to love.

Chrysocolla - communication, female energy, creativity, relieves ulcers and arthritis.

Chrysoprase - prevents depression, increases grace and equilibrium.

Citrine - cleans auras, detoxifies the body, and aids tissue regeneration.

Copper - soothes arthritis, releases restrictions, stimulates initiative and optimism.

Coral - protection from evil, it increases imagination, resolves conflicts.

Danburite - stimulates intellect, enhances psychic ability and self-assuredness.

Diamond - brings forth purity, harmony, and love, also brings abundance.

Diopside - brings necessary tears, heals trauma, and aids regression, scrying stone.

Dioptase - attracts love, abundance, prosperity and health.

Dravite -this is a protective stone that brings the peace of the earth to the higher self.

Elestials - assist in comprehending life, the levels of death and the immortality of the spirit.

Emerald - secures love, attracts wealth, profitable dreaming.

Epidote - enhances that to which you attune it.

Fluorite - aids comprehension, strengthens teeth and bones, stabilizing and calming.

Fossil - aids past life exploration, protection from spells.

Galena - harmony, healthy hair, medical students, promotes holistic studies.

Garnet - increases health, fidelity, imagination, and balances energy flow.

Gold - purifying, healing, balancing attracts honors, masculine energy.

Gypsum - relieves stagnation, offers level-headedness.

Hematite - grounding, promotes common sense and level headedness.

Herkimer Diamond - stimulates clairvoyance/psychic abilities, soothes tension, sleep.

Hessonite - clears negativity, eliminates feelings of inferiority, promotes positive change.

Holly Blue Agate - spiritual and psychic actualization, as one teaches, one also learns.

Howlite - combines reasoning, observation and patience, providing for discernment.

Iolite - gives accurate visions, releases discord strengthens liver, soul connector.

Jade - reduces eyestrain and negativity, promotes longevity, dreams.

Jasper - powerful physical healer, protects against negativity.

Jet - dispels migraines, illness, violence, and deep depression, protects finances.

Kunzite - reduces insecurity, addictiveness, manic depression, gives maturity.

Kyanite - promotes clarity and understanding in dream work, enhances creativity.

Labradorite - brings recognition of destiny, connects one with the elements.

Lapis Lazuli - strengthens total awareness, ESP, skeleton, thyroid, creativity.

Larimar - confidence builder, good for sales, reduces depression, builds serenity.

Lepidolite - promotes self-love. Alleviates stress, anger, and tension.

Malachite - lucky money stone, aids sleep, asthma, and labor, intense and probing.

Moldavite - channeling interdimensional sources, catalyst for important changes in life.

Moonstone - lucky love stone, calming, introspective, assists with emotional release.

Morganite - sisterhood, balances emotions, heals pain of separation, subtle and powerful love energy.

Obsidian - eliminates gullibility, offers detachment, very protective.

Onyx - relieves stress and grief, strengthens self-control and morality.

Opal - recalls past lives, aids inner beauty, faithfulness, and eyesight.

Opal, Dendritic - promotes growth spiritually and physically, aligns physical and etheric bodies.

Peacock Rock - fresh new outlook on life, strong healing properties.

Pecos Diamond - stabilizes emotions, brings joy, aids creativity and intuition.

Peridot - opens new doors, removes stress, fear, guilt, activates personal growth.

Petrified Wood - connection to Earth and Nature, removes petty annoyances.

Phenacite - inner knowing, spiritual travel, increases energy of other stones.

Pietersite - dignified power and loving guidance, accesses akashic records.

Prase - resolves sexuality issues, sense of oneness with universe.

Prehnite - balances chakras, enhances personal relationships.

Pyrite - increases memory, concentration, spiritual and psychic ability for students.

Quartz - programmable stone, breaks bad habits, headaches, channeling stone.

Quartz Candle -aids in accessing ancient knowledge and putting it to use.

Quartz Rose - reduces weight, wrinkles; increases self-assuredness, love stone.

Quartz Rutilated - excellent for birthing process, enhances energy in other stones.

Quartz Sceptre - Atlantian/Lemurian symbol of power, focuses energy within heart.

Quartz Smokey - relieves depression, tension, balances sexual energies.

Quartz Strawberry - recalls past lives. Eases tension in a relationship.

Rhodonite - energy in trauma, assuredness, helps one achieve the greatest potential.

Ruby - mental balance, improves circulation, protects sensitive natures.

Sapphire - goal motivator, strengthens loyalty, highly evolved spiritual stone.

Selenite - flexibility, decision-making, clarity, strengthens spinal column.

Seraphinite- cleanses aura & chakras, helps contact Angels, energy of cooperation.

Silver - energy conductor, eases stress and improves speech, feminine energy.

Sodalite - prophetic dreaming, endocrine system, eliminates confusion.

Sphaerocobaltite - most loving stone, deeply relaxing and balancing.

Staurolite - tears of fairies, good luck, helps transition, makes oneself at ease.

Sugilite - aids physical healing, reduces stress, strengthens heart, emotional balancer.

Sunstone - dissipates fearfulness, increases vitality, spiritual growth.

Tanzanite- stone of magic, facilitates spiritual awareness, stimulates insight.

Tektite - wisdom through life experience, prevents emotional scars.

Tiger-eye - psychic protector, great for business, helps achieve clarity.

Tiger Iron - enhances creativity through meditation, good for motivation on all levels.

Topaz - tissue regeneration, kidneys and bladder, enhances understanding.

Tourmaline - relieves fatigue, anemia, increases success and love.

Turquoise - brings friendship, mental relaxation, and respiratory system.

Turritella - eases domestic relations and group interaction.

Unakite - enhances sense of personal power, converts the negative into the positive.

Zincite - removal of energy blockage, cathartic, brings together those of a similar mind.

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