Buckeye: Attracts money and wealth, and can be used to help alleviate the pain of arthritis and rheumatism when held in the hand. Also useful to have near when performing any act of divination.

CATNIP: Catnip is ruled by the planet Venus, and is therefore useful in love, beauty, and happiness spells. If you feed your cat some catnip, it will build a psychic bond between you and your cat! You can also make a sachet and fill it with Catnip to wear or carry to draw love to you. Grow Catnip in your home to make your Cat ahppy, and to draw positive energy, as well as good luck to your home.

CEDAR CHIPS-- Useful in healing, purification, protection, and money-drawing spells. Burn cedar chips on a charcoal disc to purify an area...burning cedar chips is also useful for inducing and strengthening psychic powers. You can keep a little green sachet filled with cedar chips in your purse or wallet to draw money.

CHAMOMILE-- Chamomile is useful in spells for luck and gambling as well. Make a green amulet and fill with Chamomile Flowers to carry as a good-luck amulet. It's also helpful to brew as a tea if you have an upset stomach, or need to calm your nerves

CINNAMON -- Cinnamon is a wonderful herb to either burn as an incense or make into a sachet. Fill a green or gold sachet with Cinnamon to draw money and success or to use as a healing charm. A purple sachet can be used to increase your magickal and/or psychic powers. A pink or red sachet of Cinnamon can be worn, carried with you, or placed under your bed to draw love or to promote lust. Use a white sachet filled with Cinnamon to increase your spirituality and to confer protection.

CLOVES -- The magickal properties for Cloves include banishing evil (exorcism), clearing your head, protection, love, and money. Burn cloves as an incense to draw wealth and prosperity, drive away hostile and negative forces, produce positive spiritual vibrations, and purify the area in which they are burned. Wear or carry cloves to draw members of the opposite sex to you. Using cloves in your magickal spells is said to ensure that your magickal intention is realized.

DRAGON'S BLOOD -- Dragon's Blood is a resin which comes from a palm tree. Use Dragon's Blood for increasing power. You can mix a small amount with your oils, sachets, charms, poppets, and incense to increase the powers of the other herbs that I use. Other uses for Dragon's Blood include love, protection, and exorcism.

EUCALYPTUS -- Carry some of the leaves with you for protection. To relieve a cold or other respiratory infection, ring green candles with the leaves and pods and visualize yourself as healed. Allow the candles to burn down completely.

FRANKINCENSE TEARS-- Magickal properties similar to Myrrh (below). Use this to drive away negativity and enhance positive vibrations. You can crush them and use them as an incense on a charcoal disc. Frankincense incense induces visions and is useful as an aid to meditation. You can also make a little white or purple sachet of Frankincense and carry it with you to aid in your spiritual growth. A sachet of Frankincense Tears can also be used as a protective amulet.

HIGH JOHN-- This is an extremely potent herb. High John is useful in spells for winning and success, psychic powers, protection, love, and "making things happen". Annoint a root with Peppermint Oil and tie up in a green sachet. Carry this with you to attract prosperity, wealth, and success. You can also carry a yellow sachet to stop depression, or pink to draw love. THIS HERB IS POISONOUS IF EATEN, SO BE SURE TO KEEP IT OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS!!!

IRISH MOSS -- Use in spells for money, luck, and protection. You can carry some with you or place some in your home to increase your luck and to ensure a steady flow of money into your house or pocket. Some place it under the rugs in their house for these purposes. Carry a little amulet filled with Irish Moss with you while travelling, for protection.

LAVENDAR FLOWERS -- Wonderful for use in love spells. Lavendar has long been known to be a particularly attractive scent to men...Lavendar Flowers can be sprinkled around the house to bring peacefulness, and can also be burned as an incense to help you sleep. Lavendar has also been used for protection, chastity, longevity, purification, and happiness.

MUGWORT-- Mugwort can be used as an incense (mixed in equal parts with Sandalwood)to aid in strengthening Psychic Powers. Use it while scrying or before divination!!! Mugwort can also be placed next to the bed to aid in achieving astral projection. Its other magickal uses include strength, protection, prophetic dreams, and healing...

MYRRH-- Myrrh is a wonderful herb to use in spells for spirituality. Its other magickal uses include protection, healing, and exorcism. It is often combined with Frankincense to increase its power. Burn as an incense to purify an area. Use the smoke from the incense to purify and bless charms, amulets, talismans, magickal jewelry, tools, etc.

PEPPERMINT-- Peppermint makes a wonderful tea to increase your psychic ability. You should drink some before reading the Tarot, consulting runes, scrying, dowsing. Drinking Peppermint tea is also useful for healing (especially stomach aches), producing visions, and helping with sleep. The herb can also be sprinkled around your home for purification.

ROSE BUDS / PETALS -- These are wonderful for use in spells to draw love...use red for passionate love, pink or white for romantic, or true love. You can also place a single rose in a vase on your altar as a powerful love-drawing aid. Rose buds/petals can also be used for psychic powers (especially when used for a tea), healing, protection, and luck...

ROSEMARY -- Rosemary can be used as a substitute for just about any herb. Its powers include love, lust, protection, exorcism, purification, healing, longevity, youth, mental powers, and sleep...Rosemary is a wonderful incense...smoulder a bit of it to emit powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations and to rid negativity in the area in which it is burned. Place some of rosemary under your pillow to ensure a good night's sleep. Wear rosemary to aid your memory (especially helpful when you are studying for an exam). Add an infusion of rosemary to your bathwater to perserve youthfulness and to purify you. Carry a bit of rosemary with you to remain healthy. Hang a sprig of rosemary above your door posts.

SAGE -- Sage is useful for protection, healing, wealth, fulfilling wishes, and spells to increase longevity.

SANDALWOOD -- Sandalwood has many magickal uses, including protection, spirituality, exorcism, healing, and wish fulfillment. Scatter sandalwood powder around your home to clear it of negativity. Use in healing and exorcism spells. Write a wish on a sandalwood chip and burn in your cauldron. As it burns it sets your magick flowing. Sandalwood mixed with Lavendar makes a wonderful incense which is intended to conjure spirits.

VIOLET FLOWERS-- TUse in amulets for good luck and fortune. They also work well in spells for lust and passion. They are also useful in spells for protection, wishes, peace, and healing...

YARROW -- Use to draw courage and to purify (exorcism). Drink as a tea to increase your psychic powers. Wear a sprig of yarrow for protection. Hold some in your hands when you are afraid. This will stop all fear and give you courage. Carry some with you to draw love and to attract friends.

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