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The Pentacle

The pentacle since ages past has been the symbol of the witch, or Pagan. For far too long, those who do not understand our way of life and belief have looked upon it as a symbol of fear, or unspoken evil. Many times the pentacle is looked upon as the "symbol of the devil".. which is preposterous, when you stop to consider that we do not believe in any "evil" deity. A complete description of the pentacle awaits you below, but I feel that I must give my own feelings on the matter, from a solitary practitioner's point of view. I wear my pentacle as a symbol of my belief, and as a talisman, much as a Christian wears a cross, with pride in what it represents. I do not hold "dark rites" in my basement, set hexes or curses, or bring harm to others for any reason. My beliefs and talents are used to help and heal others. But I digress, so on to the full description of the pentacle...

Traditionally, each of the five angles has been attributed to the five metaphysical elements of the Ancients...

Fire (Lower Right Corner) - Water (Upper Right Corner) - AIR (Upper Left Corner) - Earth ( Lower Left Corner) - Surmounted by Spirit (at the Top most point).

This becomes a graphic portrayal of Spirit ruling over the four elements and when the Pentagram (or pentacle) is placed within the Circle (symbol of eternity and totality, or unity) its energy is focused and directed. The averse Pentagram, with the single point buried in the depths of matter, has for many centuries been misrepresented by the ignorant and those of ill intent as emblematic of the powers of evil and darkness. While the inverted Pentagram is representative of Spirit's descent into matter, the Pentagram aright, to those of Spiritual Perception, represents the redemption of Spirit from matter ruling over it.

Copyright 1986 e.v. White Light Pentacles

I spent almost all my life bouncing from Christian church to church. I felt comfortable in each, but never really happy, as if a missing piece of a puzzle were just out of reach. Through a friend, I found the religion of Wicca, and the missing piece snapped into place for me, and I found my path. Through my learning, my eyes have been opened to a way of living that is complete, and whole. Wicca is not a group of ugly old women, who hold dark rites, and place hexes on those who wrong us. We do not worship Satan, in fact, we do not acknowledge the presence of any "evil" deity or being. We are proud of who we are, and what we do. Wicca is a belief based upon nature, and rooted in the belief in a god and goddess, as opposed to a solitary Christian male god. I believe first and foremost in respect, and will respect your beliefs if you will but respect my own. If you want to learn what I believe, I will be happy to teach you what I can. If you cannot understand it, and do not wish to learn, then keep your judgements to yourself. You will only frustrate yourself and me with your bias.

This page will change frequently as I learn and grow. If you have comments or suggestions, please click on the link below to email me..

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