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Greetings! Within these pages you will get a glimpse at some of my Photography work. There is a wide variety of photography on this site. Most is Gothic, but I also do Glamour, Erotica, Fetish, Fantasy, Modern, Scenery, and other photography. The only limits I have is what the mind is willing to limit. There is also other stuff that I am currently into, music reviews, poetry, stories, etc. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to join any of my photo shoots, please feel free to E-Mail Me. Thanks! :)


This site is an artistic Photography site. Meaning there may be a few pictures that can offend people who do not have an open mind. If such things offend you, please take this moment to browse somewhere else.

This site can be viewed by most browsers, at most screen sizes. But it is best viewed with an open mind.
I view my page with IE 5.5, at a Screen Res of 1024X768 Pixels, True Color (32 Bit). It looks good that way, but it's only a suggestion.


All Photographs on this web site were taken by me, unless otherwise stated. All Model Pages have been put together by me. If you would like your own model page on this site, please E-Mail Me so we can set up a shoot together. I only put up model pages with my own photography.


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Thomas Pendragon is a photographer out of Milwaukee Wisconsin that specializes in Gothic, Glamour, Erotic, Fetish, Band, Landscape, Scenery, Theater, odd, and just plain weird Photography